Mini Fitted Nappy

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Our brand-new night nappy – a fantastic solution to keep your baby dry all night!

The munchkins night nappy is a fitted nappy with a difference.

Mini is our small night nappy!


    • 2 rise snaps on the front (to give 3 sizes)
    • Fit approximately birth – 10kg (depending on size and shape of baby)
    • Pair with our OSFM Cover for the complete package


    • Athletic jersey stay-dry inner
    • Side fastening Velcro – makes nappy changes a breeze (no fiddling with snaps at 2am!)
    • Elastic at front and back
    • Snake insert made from bamboo-cotton with hemp inner - 6 layers of absorbency with the drying time of 3!
    • Rise snaps on front to ensure perfect fit

Please note, nappy MUST be paired with a waterproof outer (for example our OSFM shell). Nappy does not have a waterproof layer.


Our side fastening velcro reduces the bulk from the front of the nappy meaning no problems with leaking out the front of the nappy or uncomfortable pressure points for tummy sleepers.
Elastic on the front and back ensures that the nappy sits flat and keeps everything in that’s supposed to stay in!!

Easy to use
Velcro closure means faster nappy changes, you don’t need to muck around with lots of domes and you always get the perfect fit. (if you have a velcro houdini don’t despair! Just pair with a waterproof cover with domes or a woolen cover and problem solved!).

Customisable absorbency
Bamboo cotton and hemp makes for a thirsty nappy, no microplastics and minimises compression leaks!
Large pocket means you can add extra absorbency if you need it.

Dry bum all night
Athletic Jersey mesh covering the inside of the nappy effectively wicks moisture away from the skin, meaning baby always wakes up with a dry bum in the morning! No wet inserts sitting on babies skin all night.

Mini Fitted Nappy

Mini Fitted Nappy

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