Fit Guide

To ensure the perfect fit for your Munchkins Nappies follow the steps below!

1: Squeeze the middle of the nappy as you pull it up between the legs.
Tuck elastics into groin/undie line

2: Pull front layer snug against baby’s hip, above their thigh.

3: Pull Velcro wing across and fasten securely.

4: Repeat on other side

5: Ensure elastics are tucked into groin and undie line to help prevent leaks  and rubbing
Elastics at legs should be snug with no gaps

Fit Check 

You should be able to fit 2 fingers between the front of the nappy and baby’s tummy.
Tuck elastics into underwear line to help prevent leaks and rubbing/discomfort.
When rise snaps are done up, fabric should be tucked upwards.
Elastics at legs should be snug with no gaps.

The top of the nappy should be just above baby’s bottom (MCNs sit lower than disposables – more like undies than disposable nappies).
Any higher in the front or back – try going down a rise snap!
Any issues feel free to get in contact with us: